Nathan Beste


Statement I am a Computer Engineer who utilizes hardware and software principles to design, analyze, and optimize digital and software designs.

Integrated Circuits

  • CPLD and FPGA (Xilinx) programming with Verilog
  • Digital CMOS design, Verilog
  • Verifying and modifying schematics in Cadence or ModelSim

Hardware Verification

  • Automation of testing and data collection using GPIB
  • PCB board schematic creation using ExpressPCB
  • Proper soldering, ESD, and optics practices

Software Systems

  • Low level languages like embedded-C, and MIPS assembly
  • Operating Systems (Threading, Networking, File Systems)
  • Windows, Macintosh, Linux (bash, Ubuntu, Fedora, Red Hat)
  • Numerical Analysis (MATLAB, Python, R)
  • Strong OOP skills (Python, C++, Java, Obj-C)
  • Scripting Languages (bash, Python, JavaScript, PHP)
  • Automated testing using black-box unit-tests

User Interfaces

  • Development of cross-platform applications
  • Application frameworks (Qt, iPhone, or Android)
  • Web development (Express.js via Node.js, WordPress, Google API, Python, JavaScript, PHP, JSON)
  • Relational databases (MySQL Workbench)

Communication and Other

  • Authored documentations for physical and virtual designs
  • Report creation using Excel functions, PowerPoint, Word, TeX
  • Proven record of learning quickly on the job
  • Troubleshooting, research, and problem solving
  • Works well individually as well as with a group of team members
Seeds Software San Diego, CA
UI Programmer (Contractor) Jan 2016—Mar 2016
  • Designed and implemented an iPhone UI in XCode
  • Integrated sink searching equations using Obj-C
  • Created basic dancing animations using frames from a GIF
Codeq LLC San Diego, CA
Engineer (Contractor) Feb 2015—Sept 2015
  • Implemented batch processing between Courier and Google
  • Resolved problems and issues on the MySQL Database
  • Created and maintained Express routes
  • Researched and designed automated server tests using Jasmine and Frisby
  • Created custom Node.js server and ran automated tests
Semtech Corporation San Diego, CA
Digital Engineer June 2013—Dec 2014
  • Generated and verified optical and electrical PAM-4 PRBS signals
  • Verified Verilog modules extracted from Cadence schematics
  • Solely designed and implemented automated testing system to produce BER bathtub plot
  • Redesigned and implemented a CPLD to allow for communication with a thermal unit over SPI
  • Renovated legacy FPGA programming to reflect new timing specifications for the device under test (DUT)
  • Documented proper testing procedure along with associated GUI; received well when presented to the management
  • Responsible for training an intern on lab techniques and usage of the testing systems and the DUT
Semtech Corporation San Diego, CA
Recurring Internship Summers & Winters 2011—2013
  • Verified and validated Verilog modules utilizing Cadence
  • Solely designed and implemented automated tests controlling test equipment over GPIB
  • Designed and updated a legacy GUI in Qt Designer and pyQt per new specifications
  • Created a simple GUI for automated testing in Qt
Education University of California, Santa Barbara
Computer Engineering, B.S. 2013
Other Projects

Raspberry-Pi / Arduino Projects—Weather Station & Ham Radio Transceiver

  • Implemented an external thermometer and humidity sensor for Arduino
  • Utilized Software Defined Radio to scan and receive on certain channels
  • Created local server to record and transmit data over the local wifi

  • MySQL Database maintenance and backups
  • WordPress troubleshooting
  • Optimization of loading speed using Chrome Developer Tools and WordPress


  • Implemented SD card over SPI interface using embedded-C on a NXP microprocessor
  • Routed, created, and verified PCB creation
  • Tested and verified GPS distance formula